About us

DEWEX Company was founded in 2013 as limited company with main focus on production of engineering products especially in field of cooperation production and production on the base of customer’s orders. We are focused on delivery of welded structures and subassemblies for various industries for domestic and foreign markets as well as on the production of small machined components produced according to delivered drawing documentation. We are able to produce small and middle sized parts with our technology.

The main group of our customers is from Germany and Austria but of course we also serve our domestic market.

Despite of the fact that our history is short, the company was established and is managed by managers with long term experience from engineering production.

Our goal is delivery of quality products in required delivery terms according to all specified customer’s requirements. Our competitive advantages are flexibility of small company and processes managed according to systems like in big companies.

Quality and certification preparing

Our company performs input, in-process and final inspection of products in compliance with all of quality parameters and customer’s requirements.

We are working on establishment of quality system and certification according to ISO 9001 and EN ISO 3834.