Frames structures

Our main programme is production of welded structures according to delivered customer’s requirements up to weight of 8 tons. Currently we are producing frame structures up to dimensions 2x3x12m.
Our products are welded assemblies for handling and construction machines, mobile working machines, frame structures for technological lines, frame structures for auxiliary transport and handling equipment. (frames for transport trucks, pallets etc.)

Job – order manufacture

By this part of the production programme we try to offer comprehensive service to our customers mainly for domestic market. We carry out renovation of supplementary equipment for construction machines, (buckets, quick-couplers), repair or production of new attachment for agriculture machines or others parts various machines according to customer’s requirements.

Machined parts

Except of large frame structures we also offer to our customers production of machined parts. It is mainly production of smaller turning, milling and drilling machine parts. These products are mainly used in manufacture of industrial automated lines.

Types of machined materials

In the production process we machine the following materials:

  1. Materials for frame structures: S 235, S355, S 460, Hardox 400.
  2. Materials for machined parts: S 235, S355, C45, 11SMn30, 16MnCr5, E335GC

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